Our Family Law Practice Areas


At SOK, our lawyers provide compassionate legal counsel and fierce representation for clients going through difficult divorces. On behalf of our clients, we pursue amicable divorce settlements that protect their financial and parental interests. When a settlement cannot be reached, we will litigate issues concerning equitable distribution, spousal maintenance, child support, and child custody in order to achieve favorable results in court. 

Property Division

When spouses decide to end their marriage, courts divide marital property according to an equitable distribution model. However, equitable distribution is not based on a straightforward formula, and it can be especially difficult to determine how to divide property when there are complex business assets, high-value items, or contested property involved. We help our clients work through these issues and pursue property distribution resolutions that preserve their financial interests. 

Financial Support

Many family law matters involve child support and spousal maintenance disputes. While child support and spousal maintenance awards are governed by statutory formulas in New York, SOK does not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach to these issues.  Our team will use our combined experience and expertise to effectively advocate on your behalf to achieve the support award that is most appropriate for your particular situation, whether through negotiation or by litigating the matter in court. 

Child Custody

Navigating child custody disputes can be difficult for parents, but SOK’s family lawyers have the experience, compassion and expertise to help. We know how important it is to secure a physical and legal custody arrangement that protects and best serves your child, so we’ll do everything we can to make that possible.  Our team has decades of experience in negotiating and litigating child custody matters, including initial custody determinations, custody modification applications, and relocation issues. 

Marital Agreements (Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements)

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common in New York. These marital contracts are legally enforceable documents that outline the rights and obligations of parties during and after the marriage. At SOK, our attorneys understand that the process of negotiating prenuptial and postnuptial agreements requires a nuanced and thoughtful approach that must take into account each client’s particular situation.  


Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution option available to spouses who want to work together to resolve their divorce disputes without involving a court. An impartial mediator oversees the process and facilitates communication between both sides. When possible, mediation can be a more cost-efficient, faster, and easier divorce option that gives both spouses more input over their divorce settlement. Our attorneys can help you evaluate your case and determine if mediation is right for you. 


Appeals are a way for individuals to ask higher courts to review and modify earlier decisions and court orders. These cases can be complex, expensive, and time consuming, so it’s important to work with a legal team that truly understands the process from beginning to end. If a court’s decision adversely affects you and you believe it to be based on an error or misapplication of the law, we can help you challenge the decision through the appeals process.  SOK’s attorneys have successfully appealed decisions concerning many aspects of matrimonial and family law, including the validity of prenuptial agreements, and a spouse’s right to receive counsel fees.